4 Amazing Skincare Benefits of Mulberry

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There is no doubt that Mulberry is an amazing beneficial fruit. It is full of nutrients like Vitamins and Minerals.

The sweet and tangy taste of Mulberey which is also known as Shahtoot, is also another reason behind its popularity. But, apart from its taste and other health benefits, this fruit has many more things to offer.

Whether you apply this fruit extract topically or even consume it, it is proven to be extremely beneficial in every form.

In theis article, some of the most amazing skincare benefits provided with Mulberry have been mentioned. Let’s take a look.

#1 A Boon for Dry Skin

      If you are an ardent fan of Olive Oil or Extra Virgin Coconut oil, then this remedy is going to be your favourite

      All you need is a few Shahtoot leaves so that you can infuse those in those two oils

      Keep the concoction in tact for a couple of days

      The, strain the oil

      And, simply apply the oil on your dry parts including eczema prone areas at least twice a week.

#2 Say Good Bye to the Fine Lines

      Mulberries are powerhouses of antioxidants. The Beta-Carotene anti oxidant in this fruit helps to reverse the signs of ageing and makes the skin rejuvenated and young. 

      In fact, it is loaded with Vitamin C too that is extremely beneficial for all types of skin woes. To know more about anti ageing moisturizers and skincare regimes, check out Cosmetics Arena.

#3 Helps to Reduce Pimples and Acne Scars

      The antioxidants present in the fruit not only helps to reduce ageing signs but are also helpful to fade away the acne scras and blemishes

#4 Sun Protection is an Added Benefit

Resveratrol that is present in Mulberry acts as a sun shield. Well! This does not mean that I would not recommend sunscreen.

So, all these benefits only point out that the Vitamin A, C, E present in Shahtoot helps to revive the skin profile from all aspects. Make sure, next time whenever you feel dehydrated, just sip a few ounce of mulberry juice instead of drinking any soft bevera

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