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In general, this type of tools and / or services work in the following simple way: You add the link of an indicated image or upload the graphic file and in a matter of seconds, the search engine shows you where there are results similar to it. In other words, they are managed in reverse.

In this sense, image search engines have a main purpose, and this refers to obtaining similar and even identical photos or illustrations; to which you are exposing during the process. Which means, you can even use this to find plagiarism or copies of your photos that are used without your permission. In addition to, use other similar images for a digital article, a presentation, etc.

Well, having clarified the above, now we present you with some of the most optimal and best-rated tools to search for images through other similar images:

Google images

Being integrated with one of the main search engines worldwide, this Google service is one of the most used to search for images in reverse. Where, they allow you to find similar results when uploading a photograph of any type.

To do this, you simply have to go to Google Images, from the main page of the search engine, in the section identified as ” Images ” at the top right. Subsequently, you must select the icon in the form of a camera (next to the magnifying glass on the right-hand side) and there, indicate if you want to ” Upload Image ” or if you prefer ” Paste URL “.

When completing the above, you just have to click on ” Search by images “, if you have decided to paste the link or ” Select file ” to upload a specific image and voila, they will show you the corresponding results in a few seconds.

 Yandex Images

While it is true, Yandex reverse image search is the most popular Russian search engine that exists today and thanks to this, it has expanded worldwide. Which, very similar to Google, has a section that allows you to quickly search for images from other images. Taking into account that both its design and its operation resemble that of Google Images.

Regarding the process to follow to carry out said reverse image search, it is very simple. First, you must access Yandex image search and on its main page, click on ” Images “, which is located on the search bar.

Subsequently, you must click on the camera icon to start the location of an image from another and as in the previous case, you can choose to use the URL of the photo or upload it by selecting “Select a file”.


Another of the most used services to search for images or photos in reverse is TinEye. Standing out like this, as one of the main image search engines of this type and best of all, is that its operation is very simple and fast.

Since you can select the image from the search engine as an attachment and immediately, the tool will recognize it regardless of the name it contains. Also, in the same way, you can add the link to the search engine, and it will start the search.

In addition to this, it is important to note that you can use TinEye from its website or integrated into your reference browser. This, thanks to the fact that it has extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safari. For greater advantage, this service in addition to obtaining the exact image or similar to the one you provide, also indicates details such as its size and the page on which it is located.



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