Desert Safari Dubai Is Your Worst Enemy. 5 Ways To Defeat It

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The great lands of a desert could make a perfect tourist destination for a fun and action packed desert safari. They include a lot of sports and adventure activities, such as for example dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking and sand boarding. Moreover, there is the opportunity to experience traditional pursuits like henna painting, falconry, and viewing local dance varieties at the campsite.

A desert safari may take place during the day, but will be scorching at certain times of the year with the temperature reaching around 55� C. However, a more relaxed tour experience is possible at night once the climate conditions are more comfortable.

However, there are many things to consider in the process of getting ready for a desert safari. Below are a few ideas to make the all-round experience far more fun and comfortable:

Wear comfortable clothes

The preferred clothing for the desert safari is definitely casual, loose and comfortable. This is more likely to include clothes like cotton shirts, pants or shorts. The most well-liked footwear is certainly sandals, flip-flops or different open shoes. There will be plenty of things to do that involve getting out in the sand, so open shoes are important to avoid issues with sand constantly getting in the closed shoes. Also, it will benefit to limit the number of jewelry worn.

Additionally, it is worth taking into consideration the hatta mountain tour tour activities when deciding on the clothing. For instance, if a camel ride is likely to be a major area of the tour it can benefit to wear the long jeans for the most comfortable experience.

Cherish the instructors

The desert safari can include many different rough and adventurous activities, so it’s important to pay attention to the instructor. For example, the dune bashing activity is certain to quite rough. If the rules are followed there is absolutely no reason why everyone shouldn’t stay safe and have a fun period. The adventures on the steep dunes will undoubtedly be fun and exhilarating, but is most beneficial to simply relax and let the skilled driver take control.

Pack the right supplies

It is not necessary to pack very much for the desert safari, but a few useful items to consider include sunscreen, sunglasses and a lighting jacket. If planning for a night tour, the desert temperature will be noticeable cooler at night. Also, the sunglasses can not only help to block the sunlight, but will avoid the sand getting into the eyes. Sunscreen can be an obvious thing on a desert visit to shield your body from the strong desert rays and prevent burned skin.

Choose the right time

The preferred time to visit a desert region is through the weeks of November to March. A desert safari is a lot more comfortable in the wintertime months. The temperature is a lot cooler later in the day. Also, you’ll be able to catch a impressive sunset. However, the winter months are the major tourist season, so it will be essential to expect more crowds and more competition to book the activities.

Pack a camera

There will be plenty of photo prospects on a desert safari. Despite the fact that many will think the desert and sand dunes are simply just a hot and barren spot, there are in fact plenty of wonderful views that may take your breath away. Also, it will benefit to pack a supplementary battery to guarantee the desired number of photos could be taken. One of many great things to capture could be the many different reptile and mammal species.

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