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After you setup a WordPress blog some basic things including plugins along with several optimization in theme needed to run smooth and savor blogging, so here we are discussing an email list of 20 things which must do after a blog setup on wordpress.

The All in one SEO Pack plugin automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for Google domination by allowing you to adjust things a lot page title and meta tags. bing serp api rrs incredibly easy unit as it works great straight out for this box. Those who are an advanced user, should customize virtually everything. And when you is really a developer, this plugin comes up with an api and also speed settings themes can access and extend performance of the plugin.

A subscribed link about the feature called integrated effects. This allows the google api to recieve certain information quicker other people. Creating a subscribed link for your website is a lot like making a hyperlink doing this occurs pages. Want limited know-how about HTML while tool is really user friendly.

Make customers browse your internet site longer. Suggest to them a connected with related posts the one that they are reading. Yet another Related Posts Plugin will automatically bing api produce a list of related posts for the current post.

Lily Shen: Thanks, Shawn. I’m definitely excited to speak with both you and definitely look forward to sharing some information and facts. We have a lot of exciting things going on, so, yeah, definitely excited to the item.

Developers need to familiarize themselves with the API of MySpace, before development work can remain. They can go for it by reading documentation is actually why provided on a MySpace website. Once familiar along with syntax for the framework, developers can start programming games or useful applications, which will eventually be released to the social network of computers. There are many different types of games and applications step by step . be developed using the API. Opportunities are endless, and it is all up for the imagination and creativity on the developers.

SEO Plugins: Finally and extremely importantly is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We are all aware of how important keyword studies is if we want to be found and ranked highly on the search engines. But each and every always know where a cordless these keywords (in your title tags, description etc). WordPress has some great plugins definitely not necessary help you be private personal SEO company. All in one SEO and Platinum SEO are great tools to support you. Exactly what is the difference amongst the two? Your preference. They both seem to carry out a well done in my opinion; however platinum seo gives you more options as far as index, noindex and forth.

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